Kokkini Hani, Crete

Set between Heraklion and Hersonissos, Kokkini Hani is a former fishing village on the north coast of Crete, about 14 km away from the capital. With its privileged location, it is now a well-developed yet tranquil seaside settlement offering beautiful beaches, plenty of accommodation, dining and shopping options, as well as activities to suit all preferences.

Crete’s Kokkini Hani is a 15-minute drive east of the Heraklion airport, while the drive’s varied scenery makes a dramatic impression. Head east from Heraklion airport and follow the old national highway along the coastline. After about eight kilometres, you will wind your way up a rise and coming out of the last curve, the impressive sight of Kokkini Hani will appear in a splendid panoramic view.
A laid-back place between Heraklion and Hersonissos, the village of Kokkini Hani is set on the north coast of Crete and used to be a fishing village. Due to its privileged location and beautiful beach, it is now a well-developed seaside resort featuring plenty of accommodation, dining and shopping options, as well as activities to suit all preferences.
It is said that the village came to be somewhere in the 1900s, when residents from the surrounding villages began to cultivate the fertile lands across the coastal area. In order to accommodate the farmers and the travellers that were passing through and needed a place to stay and rest, the settlement slowly developed. It owes its current name to one of the most well-known inns of the area, the Hani of Kokkinis – where "Hani" is the Turkish word for "inn".

Although a small village, Kokkini Hani offers experiences that will leave a lasting impression. Minutes away from the capital of Crete, it is the perfect place to spend a carefree and fun holiday discovering beautiful and unexpected natural settings, cultural and archaeological sites, outdoor activities and delicious flavours rooted in tradition.

Undeniably beautiful and perfectly placed, the island of Crete is a destination rich in history and culture, healthy cuisine and natural beauty. It is the largest Greek island and is set in the crossroads of seas, continents and civilisations. A melting pot of cultures from Europe, Asia, and Africa blending and co-existing on a strand of land in the middle of the sea, Crete is where the first European civilization—the Minoans—emerged.

From the pristine coastline to the imposing mountains, the island is dotted with outstanding architectural heritage, archaeological sites, Venetian fortresses and castles, Byzantine monasteries and traditional villages. Old traditions and history are deeply rooted in the people, the music and the food, so visiting Crete almost feels like travelling back in time.

The four bustling main cities of the island are Heraklion, Chania, Rethymno and Agios Nikolaos. They are vibrant and full of life, each promising a truly memorable experience, while the authentic and straightforward locals will give you the warmest welcome and the fondest of memories.

Discover a timeless place of beautiful contrasts. Rugged and wild surrounded by a deep blue sea, Crete deserves to be seen and experienced.

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