Kokkini Hani located only 14km from Heraklion offers immediate access to the beach and spectacular sea views combining the island feeling with the sight exploration.


Heading east from Heraklion airport, follow the old national highway along the coastline and enjoy spectacular views of the sea, and the shore. After about eight kilometres, you'll wind your way up a rise in an outcropping of rock and, as you come out of the last curve, the impressive sight of Kokkini Hani is spread out in front of you.


The area of Kokkini Hani first became known in the early 1900s when several buildings were constructed, including a hani, which was sort of a wayside inn for people and animals. Farmers, on the way to the Heraklion market with their olives, grapes and other produce, would stop off to rest or spend the night, and have a meal. At the same time, their horses and donkeys would be tended to and fed, also.

But it wasn't until as late as the early 60s, when full electricity and telephone services reached this part of Crete, and several hotels were built, that Kokkini Hani started to attract visitors and become known for the magnificent sandy beach, as a holiday resort.

Since those early hotels, Kokkini Hani has developed rapidly primarily because of its wonderful beach and restaurants and taverns, many of which feature seaside dining, with enough different menus to satisfy all tastes – including local traditional cuisine, freshly-caught seafood, English, Italian specialties, authentic Italian pizza and Chinese in close proximity to Heraklion and its international airport – only 10 minutes away. Today there are numerous hotels, ranging from large luxurious accommodations to smaller, more economical hotels, tourist apartments and rent rooms.


Crete is a paradise island on its own and an excellent destination to satisfy all tastes and expectations.

Crete, the cradle of Western civilisation, is the largest Greek island also know as the island of contradictions, set in the crossroads of seas, continents and civilisations; it combines natural beauty, rich history, healthy cuisine, sun & sea and important monuments.

The 4 main cities are Heraklion – Chania – Rethymno and Agios Nikolaos, each with a different story and special in its own way. The island boasts a diversity of landscapes, rough mountains, endless sandy beaches, outstanding architectural heritage, archaeological sites, Venetian fortresses & castles, Byzantine monasteries and traditional villages all of them in perfect harmony.

Welcome to Crete!